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Watch What Happens When Texas Man Refuses to Give Pair of Panhandlers Money


"It was just so absurd I didn't even know how to react."

A Texas man and his business partner went for a food run Monday morning hoping to kick off the week with some apple fritters — and instead got a bitter surprise.

As Mike Markiewicz and his partner approached Shipley Do-Nuts in Houston, they were greeted by two panhandlers asking them for money. When both men said no, the panhandlers got nasty.

Image source: KTRK-TV

"He said, 'Is that your car?' and then he got on the hood of my car," Markiewicz told KTRK-TV.

Markiewicz managed to snap a photo and record a video from inside the shop, showing one of the panhandlers posing on the hood of his vehicle.

"I had no idea what to think, I just knew I had to get some kind of photo evidence," he told KTRK. "I didn't know if the guy had a gun or anything. I wasn't about to go after him."

At one point the video shows one of the panhandlers pulling out a knife and slashing Markiewicz's tire.

"It was just so absurd I didn't even know how to react," Markiewicz said. "It was a circus."

And it only escalated from there.

While other customers called 911, Markiewicz informed the panhandlers that police were on the way. That didn't go over well.

"They picked up a bunch of rocks and started throwing them at us, and then he came out at me with a knife and he started running at me and I turned around to start to run a little bit away from him; then his friend picked up a brick and hit me in the back with it," he recalled.

The men then reportedly jumped in a truck and escaped before police arrived. But by then Markiewicz had plenty of evidence.

"Get them off the streets because if they end up hurting somebody, that's something that I think we definitely ... must avoid," he told KTRK.

In the end Markiewicz said what was supposed to be a $1.39 breakfast run ended up costing him $300 in damages. So far no arrests have been made.

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