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Martial Arts Expert Demonstrates Two Easy Moves to Defend Yourself Against Knife Attack


Here's what you need to know to stay safe.

Image source: Daily Mail

What do you do to escape someone who's trying to attack you with a knife?

Dalia Terret, who has studied martial arts for more than 35 years, posted a new video showing people how, which the Daily Mail highlighted in an article Tuesday. Terret currently teaches classes at KB Fitness in London.

Terret demonstrated how to take a would-be attacker to the ground, giving you enough time to run away and call for help.

According to Terret, you should first put both of your hands up and then step to the side of the attacker without crossing your feet to maintain balance. The martial arts instructor then advises potential victims to push the would-be attacker's arm that's holding the knife away.

This causes the would-be attacker to lose hold of the weapon and fall backward, allowing a potential victim to flee.

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