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Tomi Lahren Defends ABC Anchor After On-Air Racial Slip-Up

TheBlaze TV

TheBlaze’s Tomi Lahren spoke out against the storm of public criticism that recently targeted Amy Robach.

Robach, co-anchor of “Good Morning America,” publically apologized last week when she accidentally used the term “colored people” instead of “people of color” while talking about roles in Hollywood.

“We live in a time of safe spaces, where micro-aggressions are monitored, where offending someone is the ultimate sin, where white people can’t slip up, even once, even by accident,” Lahren said in her “Final Thoughts” monologue.

“Welcome to a time a time where Obama lackeys like Ben Rhodes and Jonathan Gruber are allowed to call the American people ‘stupid,’ and it’s just another day at the White House. But, oh, boy, if a white news anchor swaps two words, she must apologize and hang her head in shame,” she said.

“Welcome to ABC News, the network that hires Clinton butt kissers/donors and calls them 'chief political correspondents,'" Lahren concluded.

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