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Georgia Woman Runs Over Officer Following Intense Police Stop


"I knew for sure she ran over this leg, because I felt it and I heard, 'thump, thump, oh, that’s my leg.'"


One police encounter in Georgia over the weekend started as a routine traffic stop but ended with a woman being arrested after she ran over a police officer's legs in an attempt to get away.

The Barrow County stop escalated quickly when officer Marc Lofton ran the woman's license and soon learned she was 28-year-old Jessica Fox, who had a felony warrant out for her arrest. When the officer approached the car, he began trying to get Fox to exit the vehicle, but she pushed back.

In the dashcam video, viewers can see Lofton asking the woman to put her hands behind her back "or you're gonna get Tased." She continued to protest, and ultimately, the officer Tased Fox, who then called out for help before quickly driving away, dragging the police officer with her. Lofton eventually fell out of the car, and Fox ran over his legs.

"I wasn’t sure she ran over this leg. I knew for sure she ran over this leg, because I felt it, and I heard, 'Thump, thump. Oh, that’s my leg,'" Lofton told WSB-TV.

According to local reports, the officer was taken to the hospital for a torn achilles tendon and a concussion.

Speaking during a press conference about the ordeal, Police Chief Allan Johnston said that, when he first saw the dashcam video, it made him "sick at my stomach because I knew how bad it could have been." He went on to say Lofton would have been justified in using deadly force but praised him for choosing not to do so.

"[I'm] very proud," the police chief said. "It could have gone so many different ways that would have been a tragedy either way."

Fox was later arrested and is now facing previous charges against her as well as a new charge of assaulting an officer. Lofton said he is "relieved" she was arrested.

"If she'll do this to a police officer, think of what she'll do to a normal person," he said.

Watch the interview with Lofton below:

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