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Tomi Lahren Fires Back at Social Media Backlash Over Colin Kaepernick Criticism

Tomi Lahren (TheBlaze)

After sacking the NFL quarterback two days in a row over his decision to protest racial injustices by keeping his seat during the national anthem, Tomi Lahren tackled the subject of Colin Kaepernick for a third evening.

This time, however, she aimed most of her criticism toward antagonists in the Twittersphere.

“You hate me, threaten me and want to fire me, silence me and kill me for expressing my opinion on your boy, Colin Kaepernick.' she said. “How does that work? Oh, that's right. You only believe in free speech when if fits your narrative, the victim narrative.”

“So you use your free speech not to formulate an articulate response, no, but to sling profanity and poorly spelled tweets at me. Mature. Or freedom of expression to march with your Black Lives Matter signs and burn down your neighborhood. But hold up. That's not protected expression. And those threats: also not protected.

“Here's the deal. I have a lot of haters. But for every one hater, I have five supporters,” she said.

Watch her full “Final Thoughts” segment here:

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