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Workers Discover Huge Shipment of Cocaine in French Coca-Cola Factory


"Employees are in no way involved."

This photo taken on November 12, 2015 in Grigny, near Paris, shows Coca-Cola soft drink bottles on the new assembly line at a Coca-Cola Entreprise bottling plant. (ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images)

Workers at a Coca-Cola factory in France were shocked to discover $56 million worth of cocaine in a shipment from South America, according to the New York Times.

Employees at the factory promptly notified local authorities about their discovery, and an investigation is underway, the BBC reported.

According to the Associated Press, the cocaine was discovered in a shipment of orange juice from Costa Rica. Authorities found 370 kilograms, approximately 815 pounds, of cocaine.

"The first elements of the investigation have shown that employees are in no way involved," Jean-Denis Malgras, the regional president of Coca-Cola, told local news website Var-Matin, according to the BBC.

The AP notes that coca leaves were reportedly used in the original formula for Coca-Cola in the 19th century, although the company maintains that cocaine has never been an "added ingredient."

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