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Tomi Lahren Breaks Down Trump's Iconic 'Make America Great Again' Slogan


"We love this country. We want to see it flourish. We do believe it’s in danger, though."

Tomi Lahren (TheBlaze)

Tomi Lahren took two minutes on her show Wednesday to break down one of the most iconic acronyms of our time: MAGA.

Love it or hate it, presidential candidate Donald Trump's “Make American Great Again” campaign slogan sits at the forefront of the minds of every American.

Still, Lahren said, some are confused with Trump’s declaration.

“So, let me explain,” she said during the "Final Thoughts" segment of her TV show Wednesday. “No, it doesn’t mean those of us who say it, wear it or tweet it don’t believe America is great. No, quite the opposite. We love this country. We want to see it flourish. We do believe it’s in danger, though.”

Lahren listed more than a dozen points that represent what it means to improve the United States, represented in the "Make America Great Again" phrase:

  • Ending crippling industry regulations
  • Becoming energy independent
  • Creating jobs for oil, steel and factory workers
  • Securing a border where immigrants crossing illegally are held accountable
  • Working hard not to be well off but to be better off, not asking for entitlements
  • Building a stronger military fighting force “like the warriors they are, not the sitting ducks Obama has forced them to become”
  • Gaining a tougher American reputation, not coddling radical Islamic terrorists here and abroad
  • Denying deals with hostile states like Iran
  • Stop making deals like swapping “five terrorists for one traitor”
  • Before accepting more refugees, care for the 50,000 veterans on our streets
  • Encouraging respect for law enforcement officers for the work they do
  • Believing that “all lives matter”
  • Standing for the national anthem

Watch the full clip:

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