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15 Years Later: Glenn Beck and TheBlaze Remember 9/11

HOBOKEN, NJ - SEPTEMBER 11: The 'Tribute in Light' shines from the Manhattan skyline next to One World Trade Center to commemorate all those who were lost on 9/11 on September 11, 2013 in Hoboken, New Jersey. The lights are located at West and Morris streets in lower Manhattan. The nation is commemorating the anniversary of the 2001 attacks which resulted in the deaths of nearly 3,000 people after two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and one crash landed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Credit: Getty Images

After hearing that planes had struck the World Trade Center towers that fateful Tuesday morning, Glenn Beck, then a radio host in Florida, recalled Monday several questions on his mind as he drove into the studio: “Who would want to kill 50,000 people? For what reason? What have we done? Who are these people?”

It wasn’t until a couple of days later — after officials said someone by the name Osama bin Laden might be connected — that he remembered something he said years earlier:

“I was on the air at WABC in New York City and out of frustration one night, and anger, I warned the audience that within a decade Osama bin Laden would act on his promise of death and there would be blood, bodies and buildings on the streets of New York,” Glenn said Monday during the Glenn Beck Program, “because we were so focused on left and right politics that you can’t even see the truth right in front of you.”

Glenn also spoke about enduring criticism from conservatives after he publicly supported President Bill Clinton’s controversial decision to destroy a Sudanese Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory with ballistic missiles in 1998. The White House suspected the facility of having ties to bin Laden and producing chemical nerve agents, although ultimately U.S. officials and subsequent private chemical tests never produced substantial evidence to support the claim.

TheBlaze TV remembered 9/11 in a short tribute over the weekend:

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