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Man repeatedly yells 'Bill Clinton is a rapist' during live Fox News segment


The incident is reportedly linked to Alex Jones.

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A man crashed a Fox News "Fox and Friends" dog segment Saturday morning to repeatedly yell, "Bill Clinton is a rapist."

The man, who looked to be in his 20's, hopped onto a security barrier to reveal a shirt adorned with former president Bill Clinton's face above the word "rape."

That's when he yelled, "Bill Clinton is a rapist" five times before security guards were able to forcibly remove him.

"We've got a very excited young man behind us," show co-host Tucker Carlson joked.

According to The Hill media reporter Joe Concha, the incident is linked to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who just this week offered $5,000 to any person who went on live national TV and called Clinton a "rapist" while wearing the shirt.

The shirt, according to Concha, is also linked to Jones and Roger Stone, a surrogate of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

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