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Stu Burguiere sounds off on his intense distrust of Donald Trump


"He's done way too much for me to even consider trusting him before this election."

Stu Burguiere (TheBlaze)

Stu Burguiere, co-host of Glenn Beck's radio program, made it clear how he feels about Donald Trump Tuesday during a rant on his own show.

Burguiere, during his Pat and Stu radio program, used a metaphor to compare his inability to trust Trump to how he would similarly struggle to have faith in a drug addict:

“If you have a relative — a brother comes over to your house — and he’s like, ‘Ah, let me watch the kids.' And you’re like, ‘I don’t know. You’ve had that big drug problem; that whole heroin thing’s been an issue… And then you’re like, ‘Well, I’ll leave you with the kids for like five minutes. I’m just going to run to the corner store. And then you come back and he’s shooting up heroin in the middle of your living room. At some point in 30 years from that moment, there could be a moment when you trust him again. But there’s also a window of time in which you’re never going to trust him again, no matter how many times he says, ‘I will never do heroin again.’”

Burguiere argued that Trump, like the heroin addict in his drug-centered metaphor, has been deceptive enough that he can’t imagine there being enough time left before Nov. 8 for Trump to regain his trust.

“He’s done way too much for me to even consider trusting him before this election,” the radio personality said. “It’s not a borderline call.”

Watch the 3-minute clip below:

Do you see yourself trusting Donald Trump before Nov. 8?
It's an irrelevant question. #NeverHillary
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