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Glenn Beck thinks Pence won the VP debate — but there's a catch


“I thought he did really well and I thought he won,” Beck said of Pence’s performance. “But..."

Radio host Glenn Beck took to Facebook Tuesday evening to argue that Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence won the vice presidential debate with Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine, although he was disappointed by both candidates.

“Watching the debate has convinced [me] that there just isn't an honest man or [woman] anywhere near this election,” Beck wrote.

Beck argued that Kaine’s “constant interruptions” detracted from the debate, while Pence won, although he should not have denied on-the-record statements made by his running mate, Donald Trump.

“Trump hasn't said any of those things?” he wrote, addressing Pence. “Come on ... you and everyone know he said ALL of those things.”

“I am so disappointed in you,” he continued. “Surely you not any of your supporters care, but I have at least always thought you were honorable. There are better and acceptable answers, but you chose to simply lie. We are Living in a fact free world and it is sad when a man like [Pence] falls so low.”

Beck reiterated his position that Pence won the debate on his radio show Wednesday morning, arguing that Kaine “looked like a schoolyard bully and Pence rose above it.”

“I thought he did really well, and I thought he won,” Beck said of Pence’s performance. “But I had a really hard time with Pence because the one thing he had going for him was he’s an honorable guy. ... He claimed, ‘He never said those things.’”

“Mike, stop it,” he continued. “Stop it. We’re not living in the 1800s. We can go back to the clips on YouTube.”

“And both of them did it,” Beck added.

Pence’s denials during the debate of on-the-record statements made by Trump were transformed into an internet ad by the Clinton campaign.

Watch below, via TheBlaze TV:

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