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Independent candidate Evan McMullin: Trump and Clinton are both 'big-government liberals


"We have allowed ourselves to be offered two horrendous candidates from the two major parties."

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Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin told conservative talker Glenn Beck on Thursday that both major party presidential nominees are “cut from the same cloth.”

Following a Utah poll showing that he is in a statistical tie with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the state, McMullin said during an interview on TheBlaze TV's The Glenn Beck Radio Program that he is making the case that Americans should vote for “the people who you actually want to see in office.”

Former CIA agent Evan McMullin announces his presidential campaign as an Independent candidate in August. (Getty Images/George Frey)

Both Clinton and Trump, he argued, are “big-government liberals.”

“They're both tax-and-spend liberals,” McMullin said. “These are people who are going to grow the size of the federal government.”

He went on to say of Trump that the GOP nominee “just simply isn't a man that we can trust.”

And of Clinton he noted that, had he been as careless with sensitive information during his time in the CIA as she was during her time as secretary of state, he “likely would have gone to jail.”

The choice between them, he said, puts the nation in “a terrible spot.”

“We don't have time to waste,” McMullin said. “But we have allowed ourselves — I'll say this — we have allowed ourselves to be offered two horrendous candidates from the two major parties.”

“I'm calling on all Americans now to have a conversation — a conversation with each other, a conversation around the dinner table, in the backyard, over the fence in the backyard with the neighbor, with your colleagues, about the fundamental principles that have made this country the most prosperous and most powerful on Earth,” he continued.

He argued that the nation must “recommit ourselves to these principles and pursue better leaders.”

McMullin touted a document he released titled Principles for New American Leadership, which he said highlights his beliefs.

He said the principles include his belief that rights are God-given, the Constitution should be honored and leaders should be “honest and wise.”

“There are no great solutions,” he said. “That's just the reality. That's the difficult place we've been in. We have to start rebuilding something new, and it starts with the conversation with America, one that I and Mindy Finn are trying to have with America and one that I'm asking Americans to have with themselves, using this document, using these principles.”

If those principles are not honored, he said, the end result is a “lesser-of-two-evils decision” offered by the two major political parties.

“We must start building a movement, a new conservative movement, that will put leaders into the Oval Office and into Congress and elsewhere, who actually embrace the principles of our country, he said.

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