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Watch: Hillary-supporting students can't name a single Clinton accomplishment


"I wish I had a good answer for that honestly...I don’t."

Image source: YouTube

According to a recent Fox News poll, a majority of Americans believe Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a positive role model.

So naturally, Campus Reform — a news website dedicated to reporting on news that happens on college campuses across the country — wanted to see if college students felt the same way about the former secretary of state.

Campus Reform contributor Cabot Phillips went to Georgetown University to ask students if they agreed with the poll, as detailed in a new video. Once he discovered that they did and that the majority of students he talked to were voting for Clinton, he began to ask them if they could name any her accomplishments — but they couldn't.

Most students were up-front and admitted they didn't know or couldn't name any accomplishment of Clinton's in her decades-long political career. Others said they were simply voting for Clinton because she is a woman.

Watch the full video below and listen to the students' responses:

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