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Black Lives Matter flag raised on campus quad. Here's how school administrators react.


"And let it be known that on this day in history ..."

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A Black Lives Matter flag was raised on the campus quad at Illinois State University on Monday, followed by a candlelight vigil to "honor the lives taken in black communities all over the world," the school's student newspaper, VidetteOnline, reported.

Among the 200 or so attendees was school President Larry Dietz, who "stood respectfully with his flag in hand" after Black Lives Matter flags were passed out to each person there, VidetteOnline said.

“To me it’s important to support students and the opinions they have," Dietz told the paper. "I thought I would come out and support the organization."

Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson tweeted a photo of attendees gathered around the flagpole with his declaration: “Proud of our students and community.”

Other students reacted similarly:

While some students walked by the vigil and called out with negative comments, attendees didn't respond, VidetteOnline reported.

The school’s director of media relations, Eric Jome, on Wednesday told TheBlaze the Black Lives Matter flag was raised on an auxiliary pole that the U.S. flag isn't flown on.

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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