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Reuters polling agency projects Clinton has 95 percent chance of beating Trump


If Trump could be more competetive in battleground states, the race would be much closer.

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is on a definite path to the White House, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation poll.

The survey, released Saturday, found that Clinton is on track to win more than 300 votes in the Electoral College, which would solidly secure her the presidency. If the election were held this week, Clinton would win 326 Electoral College votes while Trump would win only 212, the poll said.

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According to Reuters, Clinton currently has a 95 percent chance of winning the White House.

To win the presidency, a candidate needs to secure 270 electoral votes, which is a simple majority of the 538 available votes. Each state has the same number of votes as they do members of Congress, plus the District of Columbia has three votes, which were allotted to them by the 23rd Amendment.

The poll also projects Clinton to win many of the swing states that Trump would need to pull off a victory. Those include: North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. Ohio and Arizona, however, remain too close to call, the poll said.

Indeed, Trump's path to the White House appears to be getting slimmer by the day. In an election where two massively unpopular candidates are going head-to-head, Clinton appears to be only slightly less unpopular than the billionaire businessman, who has been plagued by a number of sexual misconduct allegations over the last several weeks.

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