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Reality television star makes the case for conservative principles with millennial voters


"That explains government’s proper role: empowering people to take control of their own lives."

"Bachelor" Ben Higgins is no longer running for office in Colorado, but he sure is working to make sure those in the Centennial State — especially young people — go vote in November.

While other celebrities have often promoted issues such as free college tuition when addressing younger voters, Higgins touted three more conservative issues to help "guide" Millennials on Election Day: job creation and economic development, education and affordable housing.

Television personalities Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell attend the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival. (Getty Images/Mindy Small)

"While I work in financial services, much of my experience is with nonprofits, like the Humanity and Hope United Foundation, that help people empower themselves," Higgins wrote in a recent editorial in the Denver Post. "That explains government’s proper role: empowering people to take control of their own lives. Regardless of political party, most millennials share that view."

Higgins recalled his great-grandfather starting a fish fry that supported his family and provided a job for him as he grew up that allowed him to see "how important thriving small businesses are to the vitality of the community."

And on affordable housing opportunities in Colorado, the star of FreeForm's "Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?" drew on his own recent experience of moving into a "modest home" in Colorado with fiancee, Lauren Bushnell:

For anyone who has seen our new show, you know that my fiancee — Lauren — and I live in a modest home. Our options are limited because of laws that hinder the construction of starter homes, like condos. Our story is far too common in Colorado. Affordable housing is an issue that has to be addressed at both state and local government levels, so voters should know a candidate’s position and demand action.

The onetime Republican candidate for the Colorado state House also made the case to young people for choosing candidates strong on education policy.

"The best solutions give local communities and those closest to our children — who love them the most — more power to make the decisions they feel are best," he said. "For me, that means strengthening local control and supporting choice to empower parents, teachers and students."

Aside from his editorial, Higgins has also reminded his 376,000 Twitter followers to register to vote.

When Higgins was exploring a political future in Colorado over the summer, he told TheBlaze that he hoped to "empower individuals in our community by expanding personal freedom."

And in his editorial he stressed the importance of voters not just voting in the presidential election — but local races, as well: "Look into all candidates and make time to research proposed amendments and initiatives, many of which could directly impact your life."

You can read all of Higgins' editorial here.

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