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Megyn Kelly weighs in on Donna Brazile controversy: 'Can you imagine if this were a Republican?

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly weighed in on recent revelations that interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile, a former CNN contributor, gave questions to Hillary Clinton's campaign, calling the decision a "distinct and serious problem."

Kelly's criticism for CNN and Brazile came when Fox contributor Richard Fowler pivoted away from the topic and began attacking Donald Trump for his assertion that the electoral process — to include the media — is "rigged" against him. Instead, he claimed, Trump is "putting his foot in his mouth" and reporters are just "pointing it out."

"And we've covered that at length," Kelly interjected. "But this is a distinct and serious problem. ... And I know this is an old horse, but can you imagine if this were a Republican who had been fed a question by Fox News — the different reaction we'd be seeing in the media?"

In response, Fox commentator Tucker Carlson, editor in chief of The Daily Caller, brought up a recent interview Brazile did with Kelly. During the Oct. 19 exchange "Christian woman" Brazile, who claims to "understand persecution," said she was being "persecuted" by the Fox host, who was pressing her about a March 12 email released by WikiLeaks that appeared to show she gave Clinton interview questions in advance.

"My jaw was open," Carlson said of his reaction to Brazile's comment to Kelly. "I remember thinking, 'How can that not be on the front page of The New York Times?' She has no response at all, she accuses you of persecuting her, she kind of half-quotes the Bible and then sort of stumbles off to another interview."

He continued, "I'm thinking, 'This is the head of one of our two political parties giving a nonsensical answer, lying in the most transparent possible way and basically no one picked it up.' It's like, 'Yeah, whatever.'"

"Yeah," Kelly replied, "it was an extraordinary moment."

Fowler said he is "happy" to see Brazile lead the DNC, despite reports she leaked questions to Clinton. He also blamed the Russians for the entire issue, saying it's "sad" they leaked the emails.

Watch the exchange below:

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