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James Carville comes unglued at MSNBC host over coverage of Clinton email scandal


Well-known Democratic strategist James Carville got a little testy with MSNBC host Thomas Roberts on Monday afternoon while discussing the FBI’s latest revelations about Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Asked if he thought FBI Director James Comey would be accused of a cover up if he hadn’t come forward with the new information, Carville unleashed into a tirade blaming House Republicans and the KGB — yes, the KGB — for having an alliance together with the FBI, even though the KGB has not existed since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“I think this is an outrage, and I think the fact that the KGB is involved in this election is an outrage, and I think the American people ought to take their democracy back, regardless of what the press wants to do and the excuses they want to make for Comey.” Carville charged.

When asked if he thought Clinton could do anything other than ask for the emails to be made public, Carville added, “If there’s not something substantial, and I mean really substantial, then this is, in effect, an attempt to hijack an election and it should be called what it is.”

About halfway through the interview, Carville accused the MSNBC host of defending Comey’s actions and creating a media distraction, and got so angry that Roberts had to stop and remind him that they couldn’t talk over each other.

Carville brought up the KGB affecting American democracy several more times, wrapping up his interview by stating, “We’re not going to come together with the KGB and the House Republicans working together — I can tell you that.”

Watch a clip of the interview below:

Watch the full interview on YouTube.

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