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The beginning of the end story of Kurt Gerron, WWII Jew coerced to help Nazi cause, then murdered

Glenn Beck
German comedian Kurt Gerron, left, in the film "The Blue Angel." (YouTube)

History buff and longtime student of the World War II era, TV and radio host Glenn Beck sits down and focuses on one pivotal moment in that yesteryear, the beginning of the end for Kurt Gerron, a German Jewish actor who was coerced into Nazi film making agendas, only to be murdered later in a gas chamber.

"The film (Gerron was asked to direct), 'Hitler Presents a Town to the Jews,' was shot in the summer of 1944, the Guardian writes. "It was intended by the Nazis as propaganda to show the world how well the Jews were being treated, while simultaneously impressing on German civilians how the Jews lazed and enjoyed themselves as young German soldiers died at the front. The great irony is that the film was directed by one of the camp's own inmates, the cabaret artist, actor and director Kurt Gerron."

"But it was the Nazis who had the last laugh. By the time the film was completed in late summer, the Allies were advancing so fast that the film no longer had any real propaganda value. Before the end of the year Theresienstadt had been closed and its entire population sent to Auschwitz - including Gerron."

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