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Glenn Beck: This is why I think Donald Trump will win

Glenn Beck

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck gave a prime example on Thursday morning why he thinks Republican nominee Donald Trump will win the presidential election.

Ecosexualism. But more specifically, what it really represents: another encroachment of liberal absurdity into average Americans’ everyday life.

After explaining the new environmental activist trend, which apparently involves having sex with the earth in order to save it (seriously), Beck stated, “So you want to know why Donald Trump is going to win on Tuesday?  Right there. Right there. Seriously, overplaying your hand comes to mind.”

He elaborated later that he thinks when voters walk up to the voting booth, they will think about the ideas encompassing each candidate and ultimately they will choose Trump.

“When people go into the booth, they're going to close that curtain, and they're going to think about on the two of them.” Beck said, adding, “And they're not thinking the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know.”

Beck went on to discuss the absurdity of the term “ecosexualism,” how he believes liberals supporting the idea are hypocritical, and why he thinks it will lead to a Trump presidency.

“I think a little nuts. ... I honestly think it's these kinds of stories that have made it impossible for Hillary Clinton to win against my shoe,” he stated. “And if anyone could screw it up, it's Donald Trump.”

Co-host Stu Burguiere then noted that Trump had been intentionally staying out of the news and allowing the American public to remember that they don’t want to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton:

STU:  And it's true, every time he's done it -- because I think -- you know, you make the point of, when people get behind the curtain, they're going to think-- I really do believe that the American people, more than anything in the world, want to elect a Donald Trump-type type of guy.

GLENN:  I agree.  They don't want to elect Hillary Clinton.

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