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The GOP is running a Spanish ad, but they're keeping the billionaire elephant in the room out of it


The Republican National Committee just started airing its first Spanish-language TV ad of the 2016 presidential election, but there's one thing — well, one person — who didn't quite make the cut: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has been unable to garner any sort of sizable support from the Hispanic community.

The ad, which is airing on Univision and Telemundo, cost the RNC roughly $250,000 and features Hispanic voters talking about the issues that attract them to the Republican Party: lower taxes, expanded school choice, religious freedom and stronger national security.

According to the RNC’s Hispanic media press secretary, Sofia Boza, who spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the ad, the GOP "wanted to push out a conservative message on television that all of our candidates represent."

To be fair, the Republicans have run other Spanish-language ads that do mention Trump by name, but those have only been played online. In one web ad, a female voter says, "Donald Trump knows how to create jobs, cut taxes, help businesses grow and unleash prosperity," adding, "Yes, I am for Trump."

The Trump campaign has not run any ads of its own in Spanish. By contrast, Hillary Clinton's campaign has spent millions of dollars on campaign materials targeting the Hispanic demographic, which the Democratic presidential nominee is expected to win handily. Trump, for his part, has vowed to deport millions of illegal immigrants and erect a wall along the U.S.'s southern border, should he become president.

Republican Hector Barreto, president of the Hispanic Business Roundtable Institute, said Trump "either doesn’t care or believes he can win without Hispanic support. He called the billionaire businessman's failure to court the Spanish population a "lost opportunity."

"Next Tuesday," Barreto told the WSJ, "he'll learn the truth."

According to the latest WSJ/NBC News/Telemundo poll, Trump is trailing Clinton by 50 points among Hispanic voters. Those numbers pose an enormous threat for the GOP candidate, as he is seeking to win the battleground state of Florida, which is home to a large swath of Hispanic voters.

Watch the ad below:

Watch the Spanish-language version here.

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