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CNN's Erin Burnett calls American democracy 'strange,' advocates 'parliamentary system' instead

CNN Anchor Erin Burnett (Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Concordia Summit)

CNN anchor Erin Burnett on Tuesday advocated for the U.S. move to a "parliamentary system" of government, calling it "strange that 51 percent of Americans have the final say in democratic elections.

The suggestion was one that left CNN commentators from both sides of the aisle — Dan Pfeiffer, former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, and Kevin Madden, former press secretary for Gov. Mitt Romney's presidential campaign — completely without words.

Burnett's comment was in response to Pfeiffer saying that after a long and hard-fought presidential campaign, it's difficult for the losing presidential candidate to move on — regardless of their political affiliation.

"You've got to be sympathetic no matter which party it is," Pfeiffer said, "no matter who might be going through that today."

For Burnett, though, that is just one more reason why America "might want to consider a parliamentary system."

Burnett opined that it's "strange" how 51 percent of the American population gets to decide the entire election outcome.

"But that's way beyond the scope of today's conversation," she added.

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