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Tom Brady's wife casts doubt about Trump's claim that the QB voted for him


As TheBlaze reported Monday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire that famed NFL quarterback Tom Brady called him to tell him some good news.

"He called today and said, 'Donald, I support you, and you are my friend, and I voted for you,'" Trump said to cheering fans.

But according to an Instagram post by Brady's wife Gisele Bündchen on Instagram, this might not be all that accurate. Upon receiving a comment on one of her posts asking if the rumors were true that she and Brady were endorsing Trump, Gisele gave an all-caps "NO!"

Whether this means simply that Gisele herself is not voting for Trump or that Brady isn't voting for Trump is unclear. Obviously, if the claims Trump made about Brady's vote were untrue, then that's an awfully large lie to tell. Brady, however, is keeping his silence on the subject himself.

It should be noted that Brady has been seen in possession of a "Make America Great Again" hat and Trump has stated in the past that the two are friends.

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