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Trump is giving you the chance to vote in your picks for his cabinet positions

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

We all have opinions about which people should be appointed to certain Cabinet positions, and President-elect Donald Trump is giving you the ability to weigh in.

Currently up at the Republican Party's website is a survey complete with plenty of space for visitors to fill offer ideas on who should be named for positions Trump still needs to fill. (While some of these positions have already gone, slots are still open.)

As it stands, Trump is weighing options on the positions of secretaries of state, health and human services, education, defense, treasury and more. The Washington Post has a great page dedicated to keeping track of who is being considered for what position. You can choose from the pool or enter your own ideas.

Go here to see the page. The spaces are large enough that you can write in multiple names or even present small arguments.

If enough votes come in, we may see a Cabinet selected with the help of the people, instead of just solely by the politician.

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