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Watch: Texas' attorney general is out to punish sanctuary cities

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton discusses and end to sanctuary cities with The Blaze's Lawrence Jones

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has a plan to put an end to sanctuary cities. 

Joining Lawrence Jones, who was sitting in for Dana Loesch on TheBlaze TV's Dana on Thursday, Paxton discussed how Texas sanctuary cities such as Austin that harbor illegal immigrants would pay a price for doing so. Literally. 

Paxton brought up a bill recently filed by state Sen. Charles Perry that would strip grant money from cities that defied immigration laws. The aim is to fiscally punish sanctuary cities into following the laws that are on the books. 

Perry put forth a press release about the bill on Tuesday. 

Today, Senator Charles Perry filed SB 4 to eliminate Sanctuary Cities in the State of Texas by requiring local governments and law enforcement to uphold the rule of law and enforce the immigration laws currently on the books.

Yesterday, Lt. Governor Patrick listed ending sanctuary city policies as one of his top 10 priorities for the session stating: “No city in Texas should be allowed to ignore the law. We will end this practice once and for all this session.”

“By electing a Republican president and Republican majorities in Congress, the American people made it clear that solving our illegal immigration crisis must be a priority,” said Senator Charles Perry. “That starts by eliminating sanctuary cities, securing our border, and enforcing the immigration laws we currently have on the books. We cannot sit idly by and allow local policies to undercut efforts made at the federal and state level.”

In 2015, Perry authored SB 185 which would have eliminated Sanctuary Cities within the State of Texas. Later that year, the murder of Kate Steinle led to a national uproar and movement to eliminate Sanctuary City policies that allow for violent criminal aliens to walk our streets freely.

In July of this year, the U.S. Department of Justice released updated rules disqualifying sanctuary cities from receiving U.S. Department of Justice grant money.

“Banning sanctuary city policies will help prevent criminal aliens from being put back on our streets,” continued Perry. “I have no doubt that with the help of my colleagues in the Texas Legislature, we will pass this bill.”

“If this bill passed it would give our office — the attorney general’s office — the ability to first go in and request documents from these cities,” said Paxton. "Find out what they’re actually doing. Find out if they are violating the law, and if they are, then the penalty is lack of funding.”

“Until they clean it up, their funding can be taken away year after year after year, and I guarantee you that will get their attention,” Paxton added. 

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