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Rand Paul finally reveals who he wants as secretary of state


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been on the warpath when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump's secretary of state picks. He's not been one to hold back commentary about former ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton, calling him a "menace," and vowing that if Trump decided to go with Bolton, the Senator would gather the necessary votes to stop it. Paul was also just as adamant about Trump's other rumored pick, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

But now, according to Politico, another pick has surfaced that could have bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats, and even the approval of the picky Kentucky senator. This is none other than Tennessee Senator Bob Corker.

“I think he would be a great pick,” Paul said of Corker.

“I do think that in comparison to people like Bolton or Giuliani, that he’s much more reasonable diplomatically,” continued Paul, also saying that he's “more from the realist point of view, as far as foreign policy.”

Furthermore, Corker wants the job.

“Anyone who is serving in the kind of role that I may where you influence things and you pass legislation, if you had the opportunity, assuming the environment was right, to be successful, you would want to entertain the idea,” Corker said. “The things that you care about, you can act on … any serious person who’s spent a lot of time in foreign policy would want to sit down and explore the idea.”

Corker seems to be more than qualified for it.

As chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Corker’s chief accomplishment was legislation that would give Congress an up-or-down vote on President Barack Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran. That negotiation forced Corker to maneuver between the White House and fierce critics of the administration’s talks with Tehran, such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

“He has advanced a very conservative agenda as chairman, but I really respect him personally,” said Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), another member of Corker’s committee who has traveled abroad with him. “He has an enormous amount of knowledge about the world and our place in it, and I think he would be a strong choice.”

Corker does seem to have enemies on the right, specifically in the form of Breitbart News, run then by Trump's Chief of Staff Steve Bannon. Breitbart news called Corker a "key figure in turning congressional rules upside-down and rendering the majority powerless.”

While Corker may have an easy time being approved by the Senate, he may have trouble with some in Trump's cabinet.

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