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The Fort Worth Police Department just released the greatest recruitment video of all time

Forth Worth Police Officer instructs a storm trooper on how to hit a target with style

If you like storm troopers that constantly miss, a disappointed Darth Vader, shooting instructors with amazing aim, and comedy, then there's not much more you can ask for from Forth Worth Police Department's new recruitment video.

The video features an officer instructing an Imperial storm trooper attempting to hit a target with his blaster, but as storm troopers are wont to do, he is unable to hit the broad side of an AT-AT. The officer tries to tell him not to jerk the trigger, and upon the storm trooper telling him it's not as easy at it looks, the officer whips out his sidearm and shows him some impressive marksmanship.

The video continues with the storm trooper hilariously moving closer and closer to the target, unable to hit a thing until he's face to face with it. Before it's all over, the officer is nearly hit with a blaster bolt, and Darth Vader even makes an appearance.

You won't find a better recruitment video from a police department than this one. The video even has over 3 million views already, and as of this writing it was only posted 10 hours ago.

Watch the awesome below:

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