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The New York Times all of a sudden wants you to read about Hitler, for some reason

German political leader Adolf Hitler with wife Eva Braun circa 1938. (Keystone/Getty Images)

Without providing any context at all, the New York Times is recommending a "timely" book about Nazi leader Adolf Hilter to its readers just weeks after President-elect Donald Trump defeated Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The recommendation would be benign, given readers often enjoy a good history lesson, however, the Times editors' decision to include the word "timely" in their description seems to turn the blurb into a political statement.

"The first volume of a timely new biography focuses on Hitler the man, seeing him as a consummate tactician and an actor aware of his audience," the recommendation of "Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939" by Volker Ullrich reads.

The New York Times

In addition, the review describes Hitler as "a consummate tactician and an actor aware of his audience." The question, though, is what makes a book about the Nazi dictator, who was guilty of genocide and incredible bigotry, "timely?"

Throughout the campaign, Trump's tactics and authoritarian leanings were frequently compared to Hitler — an oft-invoked name used in politics to demonize political foes. However, it is worth noting the president-elect has received Nazi salutes in his name from white nationalists, swastikas have been graffitied on public property since his victory and rejection of media — sometimes with Nazi language — has been shouted by some of Trump's most vocal supporters.

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