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Liberal Media Matters to shift focus away from Fox News

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly appears on "The O'Reilly Factor" set in New York City. (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

The liberal media watchdog group Media Matters will shift its focus away from Fox News to focus on combatting fake news, according to Tuesday report from Politico.

Media Matters, the self-described “progressive research and information center,” frequently targets segments on Fox News that they characterize as misleading.

The organization told Politico that the its pivot comes as its executive vice president, Angelo Carusone, will become its new president. Carusone said that the group will change its focus on Fox News to what he called “bad actors” such as Breitbart and peddlers of conspiracy theories and fake news.

"There was a period of time which we were, rightfully so, described as the ‘Fox antagonists,’” Carusone said. “Now, our mission is to be principally focused on the value of journalism.”

Carusone said Fox News is no longer the “gate keeper” it used to be: "Now there are places like Facebook who aren’t bad actors but can be enablers of misinformation.”

He added that the group will utilize additional staff and new technology in its endeavor.

“We have to think about how we’re getting bigger and louder, not just misinformation but all out propaganda. That’s a role that’s very different than in the past,” Carusone said. “We’ve not tried to mobilize massive amounts of people or develop a larger following. But it’s going to have to be a part of what we’re doing."

Politico noted that Carusone served as deputy CEO of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

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