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College's 'Social Justice League' enraged after 'Make America Great Again' scrawled in wrong spot

Image source: Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images

The student group calls itself the "Social Justice League."

And members of the outfit at St. Michael's College in Vermont were none too pleased when they discovered a campaign slogan of Republican President-elect Donald Trump scrawled in the wrong spot.

Yes, “Make America Great Again” was found penned on a dry-erase board outside the Center of Multicultural Affairs and Services on Sunday.

“The intent behind this act is very clear. It is not just an act of free speech, it is targeted hate,” the group wrote in a letter to the school on its Facebook page, calling the act an attack on minorities. "These actions follow a very specific pattern with clear intentions. The longer our administration waits to recognize and respond to these attacks on our students of color, the more frequent they have become."

More from the letter:

We refuse to be intimidated and targeted in our own community and in our home. We reject the silence and the message that silence sends to our students and the greater community of Saint Michael’s College. We ask that the administration recognize and respond to the issues at hand. We demand accountability and active practice of inclusivity. In addition to the day-to-day microaggressions, there is a tremendous lack of transparency in the investigations of and response to specific attacks on members of our community. This has left many students, particularly those mentioned above, feeling scared, angry, and silenced. Saint Michael’s College prides itself on providing a safe, welcoming, and tight knit community. However, the lack of urgency in responding to incidences of harassment and hate makes us question, where is our protection? Where is the administration’s professed obligation to ensure that all students, faculty and staff experience a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment?

The message is clear; we are not welcome.

Here's the whole dealio. (Content warning: Racial slurs):

(H/T: Campus Reform)
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