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Iran's new theme park allows children to fire at the American flag

An Iranian boy holds toy gun during a protest in Palestine square in Tehran, Iran. (Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images)

Iran — with whom President Barack Obama struck a nuclear deal that both empowered them militarily and enriched them financially — has opened a new theme park for children. But the point of the park is a far cry from amusement.

The "City of Games for Revolutionary Children" allows children to dress in full military gear, arm themselves with AK-47s and fire plastic bullets at effigies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli and American flags, according to Britain's The Sun:

Instructors have built control towers, sand-bagged check-points stuffed with replica assault rifles, grenades and land-mines and radios to rely messages to the child soldiers.

There’s also assault courses where they can learn to scale walls and crawl under ropes and through barbed wire while orders are barked at them by trainers and the sound of machine gun fire is played through speakers.

It is aimed at boys aged 8-13 and entry is free to the park near Mashad, Iran’s second largest city.

Terrorism expert Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, asks a very simple and frightening question:

How do you think these children will fare against those who are being trained to be sensitive to microaggressions and flee to safe spaces at the slightest sign of challenge?
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