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Glenn Beck on Nightline: I am going to learn from my mistakes

Image source: ABC

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck sat down with Byron Pitts from ABC's "Nightline" Thursday night to discuss Beck's rise to fame, his future with President-elect Donald Trump, and his personal life.

Pitts chronicled Beck's transformation from rhetorical bomb thrower into a "moderate voice of reason." At times, the interview got very personal and pointed. Pitts dug into Beck's motivation for many of his actions in the past, asking "is fame more intoxicating than alcohol or drugs," both things Beck has struggled with in the past.

When asked how he would define himself, Beck responded that he "struggles really hard a lot of the time trying to figure out how to be a more responsible person."

Pitts pressed Beck on what his relationship would be with Trump, to which Beck responded, "I want him to be successful."

Beck also tackled questions on Trump's senior adviser and alt-right leader Steven Bannon, his family life, how he got to this point, and where he plans to go from here.

Pitts asked him, "So Glenn Beck, the man who has been called a clown, a bigot, a carnival barker, a smug know-it-all, now you want to be a healer?"

"No you're making this too grand," Beck responded.

"I am going to do it in my own life, and I am going to do it in my own business. I am inviting you to make the commitment to do the same thing."

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