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Watch: Trump praises Obama, and gets booed by supporters

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

According to Yahoo! News, during a "Get Out the-Vote" stop in Baton Rouge, La., President-elect Donald Trump was helping  a little less vitriolic about President Barack Obama than his fans would have liked.

“President Obama, who by the way I’ve gotten along with so well,” said Trump as the crowd started to boo him.

“No, no, no, he’s really doing great. He’s been so nice,” said Trump in reaction, causing the crowd to boo more.

In the past, Trump has lambasted Obama, calling him “the worst president, maybe in the history of our country.”

In turn, Obama has trashed Trump during his time behind microphones, most notably during his White House Correspondents' Dinner, where he spent a few minutes on "The Donald," poking fun at him specifically.

Trump's fan base, which has come to be appreciative of Trump's no-holds-barred talk about Obama must have felt rather let down that he didn't continue the rhetoric against the man they've come to feel so much ire for. However, since entering into his position, and discussing things with the President personally, Trump has had a softening in his attitudes.

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