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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu showers Donald Trump with praise: 'His support of Israel is clear

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on CBS' "60 Minutes." (Image source: CBS News)

Thanks to President-elect Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is expecting a much better relationship with the U.S. than the tumultuous relationship he's witnessed over the past eight years under President Barack Obama.

During a recent interview with CBS' "60 Minutes," Netanyahu remarked that he knows Trump "well" and that there's "no question" about his support for Israel and the Israeli people.

"He feels very warmly about the Jewish state, about the Jewish people and about Jewish people," Netanyahu said. "There’s no question about that."

Netanyahu went on to acknowledge his strenuous relationship with Obama, which came to a head last year after the Obama administration made a deal with Iran regarding the Islamic country's development of nuclear materials — a deal that Netanyahu very clearly thought endangered Israel.

He disliked the deal so much that he came stateside last year to lobby a joint session of Congress about how bad the impending deal was. Obama didn't relent however and rammed it through via executive order.

In his interview with CBS, Netanyahu said that there was "no question" he and Obama had many "differences of opinion,"  but he still has "great respect" for Obama.

"Suppose we had the greatest of personal chemistry, OK? So, what?" he said. "You think I wouldn’t stand up against the Iran deal if I thought, as I did, that it endangers the existence of Israel? Of course I would."

But that respect won't stop him from lobbying Trump to undo Obama's Iran deal, Netanyahu went on to explain, despite the very complicated terms of the deal. He said he already has a plausible plan that would undo the deal, but he doesn't plan on sharing it before first talking to Trump.

"I think what options we have are much more than you think," he remarked. "Many more."

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