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SNL parodies 'Love Actually' in hilarious skit where Hillary Clinton tries to sway Trump elector

Image source: YouTube

"Saturday Night Live" over the weekend parodied the famous love scene from the 2003 movie "Love Actually" in a hilarious skit where "SNL's" Hillary Clinton — played by Kate McKinnon — attempts to persuade a Donald Trump Electoral College elector to vote for anyone but him.

The skit begins as Clinton rings the doorbell of the elector posing as a Christmas caroler. She then begins to show her queue cards one by one.

"Let me just say,” one of the posters read. “Because it’s Christmas… And at Christmas you tell the truth… I know you’re an elector… And on December 19th… You’re supposed to vote for Donald Trump."

But bish…” the next cards said, “He cray…"

Clinton's card's then laid out why Trump is "cray," mocking him for not hearing the presidential security briefing each day, mocking him for a somewhat already tumultuous relationship with China and for his cabinet choices so far.

Clinton then suggests to vote for anyone else — not even her — suggesting John Kasich, Tom Hanks, Dawyne Johnson, aka "The Rock," a rock or even Zendaya.

Next, Clinton's cards quote the famous movie "The Help."

"You is kind, you is smart, you is important."

At the end, Clinton leaves with a subtle warning to the elector if she chooses to vote for Trump: "He will kill us all," Clinton said.

Watch the full skit below:

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