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The sister of Muslim woman behind Trump hate crime hoax lashes out at NYPD

Image source: screenshot/Fox News

The sister of a Muslim woman arrested for filing a false police report after she alleged men on the subway yelled "Trump" and "terrorist" at her while trying to steal her headscarf has lashed out at the NYPD for bringing the lie to the public.

Sara Seweid penned a recent Facebook rant blaming the police and the media for the unwanted attention that has come with her sister's hoax, which was simply a lie made up to cover for breaking her parent's curfew.

But according to Seweid, the only reason the police investigated her sister's claims was because the "first instinct" of white, male police officers is to disprove the accusations of Muslim women.

"Things snowballed out of our control because of the media ... reporters made things so much worse for our family," Sewied wrote. "I had more than one cop tell me that they’ve looked through all our social media… and it doesn’t look good that we’ve been vocal about certain issues they perceive to be anti -trump, anti-white and even anti-men."

Sewied went on to explain that she thinks the police should have never been involved in the "first place" — ignoring the fact that her sister actually filed a police report about the incident.

"[T]he NYPD should have never been involved in the first place even if the incident did happen. It became super clear to me these past two weeks that the police’s first instinct is to doubt your story and try to disprove it," she wrote.

More from the New York Post:

Her sister Yasmin Seweid, 18, finally admitted to cops Wednesday her story about verbal abuse from three white men yelling “Donald Trump!” was all a lie because she didn’t want to get in trouble with her dad for breaking curfew.

She was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration and filing a false report.

However, prior to her arrest, the Post reports that Yasmin ran away from home to her sister's house in Fishkill, New York, prompting a manhunt by her family and authorities.

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