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'It burns!': News anchors literally gag over co-host’s special Christmas dip

Image source: @GlobalCalgary/Twitter

Not everyone is great in the kitchen — a principle proven true on the set of Canada's Global News Calgary last week when one co-anchor's artichoke dip went, as she said, "terribly wrong."

And Leslie Horton's three co-hosts, who tasted the dip, didn't hide their disgust very well, either, as they began to gag over the apparently unsavory holiday recipe.

"It's not that bad," meteorologist Jordan Witzel, the first one to take the plunge, said, though his face told a different story. "It's — the vinegar," he added.

"But there's no vinegar in there!" Horton said, triggering a wide-eyed look of surprise on Witzel's face.

Ultimately, the weatherman just couldn't handle it, so he spit the Christmas concoction into a napkin while his other co-anchors, Amber Schinkel and Scott Fee, tried to stifle their laughter while recovering from the horrible taste.

"It's artichoke dip, but something went terribly wrong," Horton laughingly said.

When Schinkel sampled the artichoke dip, the only thing she did was choke. "It burns," she said, as her co-hosts — including Horton — failed to control their laughter.

Later in the day, Horton, who was a good sport about the entire ordeal, figured out what the problem was: She used picked artichokes instead of regular canned artichokes for the recipe.

Responding to the video, Global News Edmonton jokingly asked Horton that she bring only ice to the company's potluck lunch.

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