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Trump victory is a backlash against progress of black Americans, says Boston mayor

Boston Democratic Mayor Martin J. Walsh (Image source: YouTube screencap)

In a remarkable interview with the Boston Globe, Beantown Mayor Martin J. Walsh (D) explained that the electoral victory of Donald Trump was due in part to a backlash against the progress black people have made in America.

The Huffington Post was excited to reported the confirmation of this stereotype of Trump supporters:

“It was a longer Reconstruction. ... But that election clearly represented a backlash against the progress black people have made since 1965 — epitomized, symbolically, by the election and term of a black man in the White House,” he said. “I have absolutely no doubt that this election reflected both anxiety and resentment — and an enormous amount of fear and insecurity. And the two things are tied together: There’s an enormous amount of economic anxiety, that’s understandable, that working people feel.”

“But it got transformed figuratively into xenophobia — anxiety about immigrants, people of color and the ultimate symbol: a black man in the White House,” he continued.

This is a sanitized and labyrinthine way of saying that Trump's supporters were racist, a charge leveled far too often by the mainstream media and those on the left. What this "analysis" fails to take into account is how many people switched their vote from Obama to Trump in just four years' time but are supposedly "racist."

As long as Democrats continue to blame the voters instead of understanding the grievances that drove them to embrace Trump, they'll continue their electoral losses.

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