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Israel plans to continue building settlements in East Jerusalem, defying anti-Israel U.N. resolution

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on December 25, 2016. Israel was defiant over a UN vote demanding it halt settlements in Palestinian territory, after lashing out at US President Barack Obama over the "shameful" resolution. / AFP / AP AND POOL / Dan Balilty (Photo credit should read DAN BALILTY/AFP/Getty Images)

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said over the weekend that he had no plans to follow United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, he wasn't joking around.

The resolution, which bans Israel from building settlements in lands claimed by the Palestinians, passed last week with the help of President Barack Obama and has caused major outcry against Obama from politicians on both sides of the aisle.

But for Israel, it's personal. And they have no plans to stop building settlements in East Jerusalem, land currently claimed by the Palestinians that includes sites holy to Christians, Jews and Muslims.

More from the Associated Press:

Despite the U.N. resolution condemning settlements, Jerusalem Municipality is set to approve thousands of new housing units in the eastern sector of the city this week. The pro-Netanyahu daily Israel Hayom reported the Jerusalem District Zoning Committee is convening Wednesday to discuss approving fresh construction in that part of the city.

"We remain unfazed by the U.N. vote, or by any other entity that tries to dictate what we do in Jerusalem," Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Meir Turgeman, who heads the zoning committee, told the paper this week. "I hope the Israeli government and the new U.S. administration will support us, so we can make up for the lack (of construction) during the eight years of the Obama administration."

In the days following the passing of the resolution and America's abstention, Netanyahu and his government have not been thrilled. He has already summoned to Jerusalem — Israel's declared capital — all ambassadors from countries on the U.N. security council, including their U.S. ambassador in order to form a "plan of action" against the U.N.

Since then, Israel has said they are rescinding their diplomatic relations with 12 of the countries who voted for the anti-Israeli resolution.

Netanyahu's government has also said they have "ironclad" information directly tying Obama to the resolution, including evidence that he helped "craft" it. A top Israeli official said Monday that Netanyahu plans to deliver that evidence to President-elect Donald Trump once he takes office next month.

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