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Officer makes teen do pushups instead of taking him to jail for smoking weed


A recent viral video has surfaced of a police officer standing over a teenager who had reportedly gotten caught smoking weed.

Instead of taking the teen to jail, this police officer decided that it would be better if the kid was punished right then and there, and instead gave the teen a choice. His options were to either do 200 pushups, or get in the patrol car and head down to the station.

Naturally, the teen chose the pushups. As luck would have it, a woman was standing nearby with her phone, and captured the event on video so she could show her son. As it turns out, she showed a lot more than that, and now the whole world can see it.

While some may disagree with the police officer's choice of not taking the teen in, pushes have been made in states such as Texas to minimize penalties to those with non-violent drug offenses. Oftentimes, entire lives can be destroyed due to mandatory minimum prison sentences of five years for something like drug possession.

Hopefully, this teen will count his lucky stars, and not brush off his second chance at a better life given to him by the officer.

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