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Paul Ryan stops kid from 'dabbing' during the most awkward swearing in you'll ever see


First there was planking, then there was owling, then there was Taylor Swifting, and now there is dabbing.

You'll oftentimes find internet meme sensations popping up here and there, and the latest one is called "dabbing." It's where you tuck your head into your forearm as you cross it over your head. People everywhere are doing it, but Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is having none of it.

During the swearing in of Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall, Ryan, Marshall, and his son were putting their hands on the Bible for a photo-op, with Marshall's son began dabbing. Ryan, either not understanding what the son was doing, or not really feeling like going along with it, put a stop to it.

“You alright?” he asks the teen.

“I’m alright,” the son responded while still holding the pose.

“Do you want...can you put your hand down?” continues Ryan.

The teen then put his arm down and apologized.

“Were you going to sneeze? Is that it?” asked Ryan.

The awkwardness level of this video is turned up to 11, but regardless, it's still a humorous moment that will live in infamy for the "dabber."

Update: The father, Rep. Roger Marshall, has responded to the incident on Twitter, giving the awkward scene a funny end.

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