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Michael Moore calls for '100 days of protest' against Donald Trump

Image source: MSNBC

Filmmaker Michael Moore, one of few people to correctly predict President-elect Donald Trump's election win, is planning to attend some of the protests during the Trump inaugural weekend, and has called for his supporters to engage in "100 days of protest" to the Trump administration.

Appearing on MSNBC recently, Moore said he believes Trump is a narcissist who will not handle large amounts of people protesting him very well, according to The Hill.

“Trump gets upset if there’s 10 people outside Trump Tower…. What’s he going to think if there’s 100,000 or 500,000 (at inauguration)” Moore said on MSNBC’s Last Word.

Moore said he is planning on joining the largest protest planned for that weekend, The Women's March, that is scheduled for Jan. 21, the day after Trump is inaugurated. He encouraged his supporters to make the trip to Washington, D.C., to join in protesting what he calls "the Trump era," believing the more people the more anxious and prone to mistakes Trump will become.

“It’s important that everybody go there,” he said. “This will have an effect. We have to throw everything at this. This man is slightly unhinged, if I can say that, and he’s a malignant narcissist. He’s going to be very upset if there’s a lot of people there.”

The Women's March will reportedly see over 200,000 women marching down Independence Avenue and Third Street NW in front of the U.S. Capitol. It was organically organized via Facebook and most attendees will be coming on their own rather than with an overarching organizational group.

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