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Watch: Code Pink protesters dressed as KKK members tossed from Sessions confirmation hearing

Code Pink protestors disrupt Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for the nomination of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) to be attorney general. (Image source: New York Post video)

The confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's attorney general pick, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, got off to a tense start on Tuesday morning as protesters began planned disruptions, even before Sessions was sworn in to testify.

It started with protesters dressed up as members of the Ku Klux Klan, wearing the signature white robes and pointed hats, pretending to be supporters of Sessions. The men stood on chairs, yelling, "Jefferson Beauregard, you speak for the people!"

As they were escorted out, the men shouted, "You can’t arrest me, we’re white. White people don't get arrested!"

Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin took credit for the men on Twitter.

More Code Pink protesters were ushered out of the room shortly after the first disruption, as one of them began holding a sign that read "Support Civil Rights Stop Sessions" and shouting that Sessions was a "white supremacist."

Marijuana legalization activists were also present, arriving at the committee room at 4:20 AM and wearing bright red shirts emblazoned with "Great Americans Smoke Sessions."

The hearings will continue through Wednesday.

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