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Minorities, gay man who support Trump describe getting 'excommunicated' by liberals over their views
Image source: YouTube screen cap

Minorities, gay man who support Trump describe getting 'excommunicated' by liberals over their views

Tylor, a gay man who works in the banking industry, spelled it out at the very start of a short documentary titled, “'Traitors': The Minorities Who Support Donald Trump.”

“I’ve had more Christian Republicans accept me for being gay than I’ve had left-wing people accept me for being a gay conservative,” the 32-year-old said.

Tylor (Image source: YouTube screen cap)

Tylor was joined on camera by three other millennials who also fall squarely in minority camps. But because their politics don't fall in line with liberal thinking — and especially because of their support for the Republican president-elect — they said they've faced bouts of harassment and intolerance from the so-called tolerant left.

"They say that they're for women, gays, people of color," Tylor continued. "But what they're really for is women, gays, people of color who vote Democrat." He added that some liberals who disagree with his beliefs would "scream and call you racist sexist homophobic, bigot, transphobic."

Tina (Image source: YouTube screen cap)

Tina, 26, is the the daughter of a former Vietnamese refugee and saw the same kind of intolerance from the left that Tylor did.

"It came down to the point of like, 'Oh, I support your First Amendment right to free speech — unless it doesn't apply to my opinion, then you're wrong and you're a disgrace and you're a bigot and you're a racist,'" she said on camera. "And you can't just openly say, 'Hey, I'm supporting Donald Trump.'"

"Neil" (Image source: YouTube screen cap)

A 21-year-old Portland State University student who called himself "Neil" and had his face blurred on the video told documentary director Andy Ngo that it's difficult to hold conservative views as a "black mixed-race" person.

“You get kind of like excommunicated, you get harassed, your racial identity gets delegitimized," he noted. "They’ll say, 'Oh, you’re not a real black person.' And they'll say things like, 'You’re an Uncle Tom,' almost as if they subconsciously believe that they’re on some plantation.”

But amid all the noise, he said he sees Trump as actually caring about the downtrodden communities that Democrats long ago abandoned.

Adrian — a 20-year-old business major at PSU who is bisexual and comes from a Middle Eastern background — said he sees it as "ignorant and somewhat racist to assume a person of color wouldn't vote conservative or Libertarian."

He added with a smile during his interview that he can't wait to see what Trump will do.

Adrian (Image source: YouTube screen cap)

Tylor — who said his big political issues are the economy and immigration — added that "the gay rights movement is just like an arm of the Democratic Party."

"All the things that the gay rights leaders promote are things that don't affect us directly," he continued. "Their whole careers are invested in this culture of victimhood. So when there's no one being victimized anymore, they have to keep it going and make people think they're victimized so they can remain relevant or keep getting money or funding or whatever it is."

(H/T: Red Alert Politics)

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