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Gutfeld blows up: All inauguration rioters are 'scum' and need to be 'mercilessly punished

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. (Image source: YouTube)

Greg Gutfeld, co-host of "The Five" on Fox News, did not mince words Friday when talking about the protesters who came to Washington D.C., on Friday to cause riots over President Donald Trump's inauguration.

Gutfeld, known for his explosive monologues, wasn't able to give a full speech about the protesters, but the few words he did give the rioters definitely left their mark.

Gutfeld began by saying that he didn't understand why the protesters were protesting America's democratic process and peaceful transition of power, questioning what exactly the protesters think should replace America's democratic system.

"What are you going to put in its place?" Gutfeld questioned. "Anarchy? A third Obama term? It's not going to happen."

He added that the nonviolent protesters have a right to voice their objections with Trump.

But for those who were setting fires in the streets of D.C., on Friday and clashing with police, Gutfeld labeled those people "scum" and "felons" who should be "mercilessly punished."

Bob Beckel, another co-host of "The Five," chimed in to reiterate that there were peaceful protesters on Friday. But Gutfeld wasn't having any of it.

"I have a question for ya," he told Beckel. "Why is it that there's no protests after an inauguration of a Democratic candidate, but after a Republican [wins], there's always some kind of — why is it always your side that has the bad guys?"

"Not all activists are rioters, but all rioters are activists," Gutfeld later added.

Police arrested 217 people on Friday, each one being charged with rioting. Rioters set fire to newsstands and trash cans in the middle of D.C. streets, smashed business windows and lit cars on fire. In addition, six police officers were injured during the protests. Interim D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham told reporters late Friday that he believes the majority of the rioters were not from D.C.

Listen to Gutfeld's comments below:

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