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No one at the #womensmarch seemed to know which women's rights are in peril, not even Wendy Davis


YouTuber, and popular conservative comedian Steven Crowder is known for not only doing funny videos that tackle issues from a right leaning angle, but from time to time, Crowder will actually take on the persona of leftists and pretend to be one of them to really expose the craziness they sometimes adopt.

This time, Crowder and his trusty sidekick "Not Gay Jared" decided they would take on the much discussed Women's March, and try to find out more about it by showing up at the one being held in Austin Texas. In order to accomplish this, and put the marchers off their guard, Crowder and Jared decided to show up as transgendered women.

What Crowder and Jared — going as Stephanie and Jenelle —  discovered is that in terms of understanding why they were marching, no one had a really solid idea. Upon being asked which rights were in danger, no one could give a complete answer that wasn't stumbled through with some difficulty.

Not even former Texas senator, and abortion advocate Wendy Davis, who spoke in nebulous terms about how nobody has rights if even one person or group doesn't.

What Davis did have was an economic plan that required women be paid more than they currently are, because of the negative stereotype that women spend more frivolously than men, and this will boost our economy.

Wendy Davis ran for Governor of Texas, and lost by a wide margin.

Overall, as Crowder highlights, the march accomplished little, but it did give the duo the opportunity to showcase the insanity that these marches tend to host.

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