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Watch: Environmentalist protesters scale 300-foot construction crane blocks from White House

Image source: Fox News

Police in Washington, D.C., responded Wednesday to a small group of environmental protesters climbing a construction crane just blocks from the White House.

The demonstrators were protesting President Donald Trump's executive orders to advance the Keystone XL pipeline and Dakota Access pipeline. Video from Fox News captured the protesters attaching themselves to and then scaling the structure.

Once at the top, they unfurled a 70-by-35-foot "Resist" banner, which faced the White House, WTTG-TV reported. Another group then continued to protest on the Ellipse, which is on the opposite side of the White House.

The environmental activist group Greenpeace posted a Facebook Live video of one protester, named Nancy, broadcasting from "300 feet in the air."

Washington, D.C., police responded to the brazen act on Twitter, calling it both "dangerous" and "unlawful."

"While we respect everyone's right to protest, today's actions are extremely dangerous and unlawful. Multiple government resources are being tied up, and unfortunately streets are blocked while first responders try to safely address this matter," Metro Police tweeted.

It's not clear whether anyone was arrested.

Hundreds of environmentalists also gathered Friday outside Trump Tower in New York City to protest the pipelines, which they say will contaminate lands and contribute to climate change.

These were two of many demonstrations that have broken out since Trump was sworn into office Friday.

Shortly after taking the oath, protesters swarmed the streets of downtown Washington, D.C., knocking out windows and setting ablaze a stretch limo that reportedly belonged to a Muslim immigrant.

More than 200 were arrested Friday. At least 6 police officers were injured.

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