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Jorge Ramos says Trump's border wall won't keep illegal immigrants out

Image source: Twitter video.

Univision-Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos told CNN's Erin Burnett Thursday that President Trump's border wall would not work to keep out illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States.

After recounting the difficulties in building a solid wall across the rocky terrain of the border, Erin asks, "Putting money aside, Jorge, is there any wall that could stop tunnels, or ladders, or people who are determined to come across that particular border?"

"It is, it is simply impossible," he answers. "It is simply impossible because immigration is a problem of supply and demand and as long as we need undocumented immigrants or immigrants in this country who are doing the jobs that nobody wants to do, they are gonna keep coming."

"When you say Mexico won't pay for the wall, obviously now Trump is saying he's going to put this 20% tariff on Mexican imports," she continued. "There are various ways to make Mexico pay for the wall that Mexico can't control, that would be one of them. What is Mexico going to do about it if this is what happens? Do they respond in kind, can they afford to do so? What does Mexico do if he's going to build a wall and put a tariff on so Mexico pays for it?"

"Well it seems that Trump wants to declare a commercial war," Ramos answered. "And if that's the case then Americans better be ready to pay thousands more for their cars, for their TVs, for their dishwashers, for the Superbowl, Mexican avocados are going to be incredibly expensive."

Ramos then lamented the enmity being drawn up between the U.S. and Mexico, and expressing bewilderment at Trump's actions.

I don't remember going to back to history since the Mexican-American War in 1848, that there's been so much tension as the one we're seeing right now and it's completely unnecessary. Again, Mexico is not the U.S. enemy. Mexico is not the enemy. Immigrants are not the enemy. The wall won't work. And I wonder why Donald Trump is doing exactly this. I really can't understand it.

Many have accused Ramos of crossing the line from journalism into partisan activism as he has doggedly assailed conservatives on immigration to the point of appearing to advocate against border control policies on behalf of illegal aliens. In March, Ramos got into a heated debate with Fox News' Sean Hannity over immigration, and prior to that the anchor got into angry debates with Bill O'Reilly as well - several times. In August of 2015 Ramos was at the center of a public furor when he vigorously questioned and interrupted then-candidate Trump during a press conference, and was subsequently thrown out of the event. 

The Trump administration has since said the 20% tariff was just one suggestion of how to get Mexico to pay for the wall.

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