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You won’t believe who thinks the media needs to show Trump more respect

President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference (Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

In an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, British journalist Piers Morgan came out swinging against the media Monday night, saying that the dysfunctional relationship between President Donald Trump and the American media is dangerous and toxic.

Morgan, a onetime CNN host, discussed the war raging between Trump and the media, saying that when Trump first started campaigning, all the networks rushed to cover him thinking they would be helping Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the long run.

"The moment that Donald Trump first decided to run, he was, for about four or five months, the only gig in town. CNN and all the other networks were racing to give him as much airtime as they could possibly give him," Morgan said. "And then when the moment came that they thought, 'Oh, god, hang on, he might actually win,' they're rather like Dr. Frankenstein — they thought, 'We've got to kill him off.'"

Morgan said he noticed the toxic relationship gradually getting worse over the last several months of the campaign, citing the New York Times' treatment of Trump specifically: "It got more and more virulent. Papers like the New York Times, frankly, I thought were a complete disgrace. They weren't even pretending to be anything but in the tank for Hillary Clinton."

He told Carlson that he believes the reaction from the Times over Trump's treatment of the media is insincere and hypocritical. "It's pretty rich, I think, given the way that they themselves conducted themselves as the supposed paper of record," he said.

While adding that he does think there is fault on both sides, Morgan said it is up to the media to start mending the relationship:

I think that it is dangerous and toxic, and I think the media have got to start showing President Trump a bit more respect, and he in turn, and his White House operations, have got to show the media a bit more respect. And they've all got to move on.

Morgan also had some words for people who are still protesting Trump's win.

"If somebody wins, they win. You have to accept they have won. You have to stop the squealing, the wailing, the teeth gnashing," Morgan said. He added that the protesting is similar to what he has experienced in Britain after the Brexit vote. "What we're seeing in Britain, just as we're seeing in America, is just one of the great hissy fits of modern political times."

"I am appalled by the behavior of so many liberals right now," Morgan added. "They bang on about tolerance, about fairness, and yet they're behaving exactly the same way that they warned us all that Donald Trump's supporters would behave if and when, as they assumed, he lost."

Morgan concluded his thoughts with a message to the left: "If you want to try and beat Donald Trump, then do it democratically. Stop trying to delegitimize him. And just try and apply some rational political common sense to defeating your opponent."

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