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NRA fires back at NY Times over ‘truth’ ad targeting Trump: 'Why now?\

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The National Rifle Association is firing back at the New York Times for its new "truth" ad — which targeted President Donald Trump — with one simple question: "Why now?"

"The truth is that the truth didn't matter to The New York Times then as much as now," the ad reads, referring to former President Barack Obama's time in office. "Because as long as liberals were 'progressing,' the truth was depressing."

The one-minute NRA web ad is in response to the Times' 30-second hit, which aired during the Oscars Sunday night but was available online ahead of time and featured a series of statements, starting with, "The truth is our nation is more divided than ever."

The Times' clip went on to highlight popular claims invoked by those both for and against the president. It featured pro-Trump phrases like, "The truth is the media is dishonest," and anti-Trump claims like, "The truth is his refugee policy is a backdoor Muslim ban."

Trump, of course, was no fan of the ad. He took to Twitter Sunday to attack the "failing" Times for running the campaign to "help save its failing reputation."

And the NRA didn't like it, either. The pro-gun lobbying group is wondering why the Gray Lady is so concerned with "truth" now, instead of when the Tea Party was marching in Washington, D.C., and dominating Democratic town halls during Obama's presidency.

The ad also pointed out a few not-so-true statements from Trump's predecessor. It noted the Obama-era claim that, under Obamacare, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" — an assertion PolitiFact named as its "Lie of the Year" in 2013 — and Obama's infamous "red line" comment in 2012, vowing to take action if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad employed chemical weapons.

In late 2012, the Assad regime did, in fact, use chemical weapons, killing nearly 1,500 people, and the Obama White House took no action — a decision that former Defense Secretary Robert Gates described as a "serious mistake" that hurt U.S. credibility around the world.

The NRA clip also wondered why there was not more focus on the 21 Coptic Christians who were beheaded on a Mediterranean beach in a 2015 video released by ISIS and the 2012 attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that led to the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

"So this is what we know," the NRA ad concludes, "America has stopped looking to The New York Times for the truth now more than ever."

"The times are burning," it adds, "and the media elites have been caught holding the match. Now they want your trust?"

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